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Sample of 3 Wooden Kits

Race Car


A fun and fast wooden race car project builds confidence and feelings of success. Children build a beautiful race car and paint it their favorite color. They personalize it by designing a special license plate, helmet and pennant. Workbook exercises inspire and encourage them to write about their car and all the places it will go.

"We had the most wonderful family experience. It was great to unplug everthing and work together to make something beautiful"
S.L Parent & Teacher

Dream Box


A special box to keep treasures in that builds self-esteem and happiness. Children learn to build a sturdy box that they can decorate with paints and markers to make it their own. Special activities guide them to name their dreams and wishes to keep in the box, along with their own precious treasures.

“Making a dream box is like making a flower bloom into your life and heart! I like that I got to work together with my brother with the hammer and screwdriver as a team”
A.L. (Girl, 7)



A popular project that promotes creativity and stimulates imagination with thought of a sea-going adventure. Children learn to build the boat, trim the sails, fly a flag and even tie knots. They love painting the boat and decorating the sails. The workbook makes it fun and easy for them to write and share stories about their boat and why it’s special.

"It's really good because your family gets together and if you feel like building, it will be the most fun you have had in years! I was so happy I wanted to do it more!"
K.L. (Boy, 10)


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Race Car