Antonia C. Novello
Surgeon General
“In Recognition of your extraordinary efforts on behalf of the children of this nation. God bless your hard work and creativity on their behalf.”
Howard A. Pearson, M.D.
Professor of Pediatrics
Yale University Department of Pediatrics
Past President, American Academy of Pediatrics
“The program represents an avenue to stimulate the creativity, participation and enjoyment of children with medical problems, especially those in hospitals. These kinds of experiences have a very positive effect on the ability of children to cope and adapt to illness and the effects of the treatment. It has an educational component but is also just plain fun. It is my hope that the program can be transplanted to hospitals for children around the country.”
M. S. G. (Parent)
“The Dances With Wood program is an innovative program, which incorporates cognitive and motor skills in an activity, which is distractionary as well as reflective. My children and I enjoyed both the process and our creation. The accompanying guidebook is clear, and fun too!”
Diane Rode, MPS, CCLS, LCAT Director,
Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy Department
Kravis Children’s Hospital at Mount Sinai,
New York, NY
“Dances With Wood activities offers seriously ill children and their families opportunities for mastery and “self expression” through the healing process of woodworking. We are grateful for the Dances With Wood program and its impact on our mission to humanize healthcare for children of all ages”
Y.P. (Parent)
“This was a great project. Fun, organized and easy to do. Even from bed. I built the box with our daughter and she loved it. She made it into a treasure chest. You cheered up a sad little girl!”